Assembly Instructions

Thank you for choosing a Dynamic Accents Pet Gate. All of our gates are made of Solid Hardwood and are proudly made in the USA!

Please find assembly information for our Pet Gates listed below:

Citadel Pressure Gates

Citadel Pet Gates ship fully assembled and ready for use! Measure the opening to determine the width of coverage needed as these gates span openings of 32” to 38” wide. Bringing the frame into alignment with the gate door during installation creates the tension effect to hold the gate in place.

Here is the 2” Extension Installation Guide.

Highlander Gates

Highlander Pet Gates ship fully assembled and ready for use! Simply remove it from the box and set it into position. This gate is equipped with double acting hinges that allow you to use it in multiple formations.

3 Panel Walk Through Gate Spans openings up to 5 ft (60”)
4 Panel Gate  Spans openings from 32” to 60”
5 Panel Walk Through Gate Spans openings from 32” to 108”


Kensington Gates

Kensington Pet Gates are designed to be freestanding and easily adjustable with no tools required. These gates are designed for use with small animals that can not jump over or push the gate out of position.

For effortlessly opening, lift the gate slightly off of the floor, slide the panels apart to the desired width and set the gate back down. For storage or transport, slide your gate into a closed position and rotate the feet in line with the gate.

Light assembly required for Floor Protector Bumpers and Feet. Download Instructions

20" / 30" Small Gate Spans openings up to 4 ft (48”)
20" / 30" Large Gate Spans openings up to 6 ft (72”)